Hey, I’m Barbara Mason and I am the HR Insider! I spent 20 years in corporate America as an HR professional working for fortune 500 companies. In my 15 years at the leadership level, I led amazing teams of HR professionals and supported C-suite leaders with their people strategies and talent development. 

Losing my mom in 2014 was a turning point for me in my life and caused me to think about the endgame for my career and my legacy. I knew that I wanted more than to just say I worked for a company for 40 years doing ego management for a bunch of male leaders. That could not be the whole story! Even though I was in a senior level position and had great influence, I felt that something was missing and that I was being called to a different level of impact.

In 2017, I started my own business, Career Pathways Consulting, LLC where I began to help mid-career women who were unhappy at work to find positions that aligned with their strengths, values and passions. 

In 2019, I exercised courage to fire my boss and I stepped into full-time entrepreneurship. Since I have left corporate America, I have continued to coach ambitious and talented women and help them get clear on their next career move that helps them have an impact doing what they love.

In addition to the career coaching work, I also have expanded my original service offerings to include HR consulting for small businesses. After working in large corporations with great budgets and plenty of people, I know that these businesses do not have the same opportunities at their fingertips. I help small business owners with the structure, foundation and processes they need to hire, grow and retain their talent. 

And oh yea, I went to school for this too! I graduated from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with my degree in Human Resource Management. So, yes I love all things HR!

Now, I am adding my HR T-shirt line for the HR people. Designed for HR by HR!