HR Wear is the new collection of HR apparel and accessories for women designed specifically for HR. I created it because I think that HR people are some of the most brilliant, toughest and special people in the workforce. 

I remember being an executive HR Leader and over the years, I gathered much company paraphernalia: shirts, jackets, hoodies, mugs, mouse pads, etc. You name it-I had it! 

But, it was always men’s shirts that looked funny on a woman, or it would have the department names I supported all across the top or sides. 

There was never anything for HR with our name on it. Why? Because HR was not a profit center so we did not have the miscellaneous budgetary dollars to buy company swag for the HR team! But even though we are not a direct profit center for the company, you know the companies cannot maintain or even increase their profits without us right!

So, I designed this collection to announce to the world the beauty, excellence and power of HR people. 

As an HR professional, I want you to know how great you are and walk boldly into your position each day with your head held high. And oh by the way, be cute with your new HR apparel on casual Fridays, Zoom meeting and on your weekend chill days!

Know that it was created just for you!